Preserving Open Space in Chester County 


Vine Day At Cool Valley Preserve

A large turnout of 19 volunteers participated in the second Vine Day of this Winter season at Cool Valley Preserve on Saturday, January 5, 2008. The volunteers spent several hours cutting vines on the mature trees, which is important in helping to provide light, allowing the trees to breathe, and circulating nutrition through the branches.

"We love the Valley and are proud to be able to preserve it with other like minded neighbors," said Betsy Miller, "The camaraderie is worth the effort."

It was a beautiful sunny morning in the Cool Valley Preserve, a great time to be out for fresh air and a little exercise. Open Land Conservancy sincerely appreciates the efforts of the following volunteers ---- Neil McAloon, Harold Sheinbach, Ingrid M. Cantarella-Fox, Kent Wagner, Pete Goodman, Mike Bertram, Ray Clarke, Peter K. Lee, Tim Lander, Mac Wilson, Dave Tollefson, Pete Kulaski, Luigi DiFilippo, Sheri Shambor, Jack & Betsy Miller, Jim Gavatos, Art Blumenthal and Matt Blumenthal.

Our next Vine Day will be Saturday, February 2, 2008 from 9 am to 12 noon at Valley Creek Preserve (just off North Valley Road on Tree Line Drive circle). We hope that you will be able to participate and encourage you to bring friends, family, and neighbors who might be interested in helping out.
For more information on future Vine Days at the Open Land Conservancy Preserves, click here.