Preserving Open Space in Chester County 


Preserves and Trail Maps

Welcome to our nature preserves. We hope you find the maps helpful and visit the preserves often. Click on any preserve for a detailed description and trail map. We encourage you to join as a member.

Abernethy Forest Preserve
Park along Copeland School Road

Airdrie Forest Preserve   Map
Access via North Valley Road, Fennerton
Road, Woodbine Avenue

Cedar Hollow Preserve    Map
Access via Church Road, St. Peter's Road

Cool Valley Preserve      Map
Access via Cool Valley Road, Windswept Drive

Diamond Rock Preserve    Map
Access via Horseshoe Trail & Chautauqua Trail Road

George Lorimer Preserve    Map
Access via North Valley Road, Summerhill
Drive, LeBoutillier Road

Miller Preserve    Map
Park along driveway (Bull's Corner Road) next to Valley Creek

Valley Creek Preserve    Map
Access via Tree Line Drive, Hayfield Road

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