Preserving Open Space in Chester County 


Open Land Conservancy Adds 20.6 Acres
to Diamond Rock Preserve

Open Land Conservancy is excited to announce that it has completed the acquisition of 20.6 acres of woodland adjacent to our 31 acre Diamond Rock Preserve, which now totals 52 acres of beautiful forest protected forever!

Open Land Conservancy attempted to purchase this parcel 10 years ago without success. In 2007 an opportunity came up again and we began the long process of persuading the owners to sell and applying for grants.

The cost for the land alone was $370,000, with an additional $20,000 for ancillary costs.  The Conservancy applied to both Chester County's Preservation Partnership Program and Pennsylvania's Community Conservation Partnerships Program for funding. Fortunately, both grant applications were approved.

A winning feature of this acquisition is that it provides continuation of the off-road route for the Horse-Shoe Trail, which begins at Valley Forge National Historical Park and continues 120 miles to the Appalachian Trail north of Hershey. Also of significance is that more of the beautiful wooded ridge line that defines the northern edge of the Great Valley will be kept intact.

OLC Board members and volunteers worked diligently to make this acquisition happen by obtaining the necessary appraisals, survey, title report, environmental & biological assessments, and support letters from members, neighbors, Tredyffrin Township, other agencies and conservation groups.

To visit this new acquisition, take Howell Road in Charlestown Township to Chautauqua Trail Road and park at the cul-de-sac. Start walking west at the Horse-Shoe Trail signpost. Follow the trail, marked with yellow blazes on trees, that comes out on Howell Road between #4055 and #4083 at another Horse-Shoe Trail signpost. The Conservancy will soon post its own signs and lay out a loop trail over the ridge and back to join the main trail.

Many thanks to all who helped with this successful effort to acquire this wonderful new addition to Diamond Rock Preserve.